How This Handcuffed Teenager Saved a Police Officer’s Life

Surveillance footage in the above video reveals the moment a handcuffed Florida teenager had to make the split-second decision to choose right from wrong.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, is seen on the tape with his wrists in restraints while Officer Franklin Foulks, 49, booked him on charges for violating juvenile probation. In the middle of processing him, Officer Foulks suddenly suffered a heart attack — and there was no one in the office except Rutledge to help him. Rutledge is called a hero for what he did next.

The footage, taken last September, shows Foulks suddenly collapse to the ground in front of Rutledge. The youth immediately began kicking the security fence and yelling, until he got the attention of other officers and alerted them to Foulks’ distress.

Three of Foulks’ fellow police officers heard Rutledge’s commotion and sprang into action. Sgt. Todd Bunin, Officer Robert Norvie, and Officer Raymond Ketchmark all worked together to administer CPR and apply a defibrillator to restart Foulks’ heart until emergency help arrived.

This quick action was the key to saving Foulks’ life because, according to a CBS News report, the quick action was responsible for the officer’s survival. If help had arrived even a few seconds later, Foulks likely would have died.

Rutledge, Bunin, Ketchmark and Norvis will be honored at the Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting next Wednesday for their actions.

Teen Saves officer during heart attack

“Handcuffed Teenager Saves Police Officer” – Image source: WTVJ-TV