What Happens When You Apply CGI and Projection Mapping to a Live Human Face?

Just a few years ago, video projection mapping, which has the capacity to transform any object into a screen, was a spanking new artform, with only a handful of examples worth mentioning. Today, there doesn’t seem to be a product launch, birthday party or building opening that takes place without a head-turning projection to help celebrate.

So, what’s next? Well, according to Japanese producer and technical director Nobumichi Asai and his team, applying CGI and projection mapping to a live human face seems to be it. What they are calling Omote appears to be the electronic equivalent of makeup.

At first, the model undergoes the transformation with basic makeup, then her face takes on a dramatic, runway look before completely leaving us in awe.

Omote uses a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping to playfully highlight, deconstruct, contextualize and manipulate the model’s face.

Honestly, it’s mesmerizing. And a bit freaky.

This is one video you must watch.