This is What Happens When You Play a Magic Trick on Dogs

Do you remember the joy and sense of wonder you felt as a child when you were treated to a magic show? Who doesn’t remember leaping with excitement when the magician pulled out a rabbit from his hat, or when he made things disappear into thin air?

It was insanity! Well now that you’re older you’ve probably figured out it was all an act, and those same tricks that filled you with a sense of awe don’t do a thing for you now. Growing up is cruel in that way.

We thought we’d never again enjoy another one of those simple magic tricks again. Then we came across the video above and although the reasoning was different this time around, we were able to experience a sort of enjoyment we hadn’t with just a simple disappearing trick in a long time.

The difference here is that it’s someone else who is getting tricked and the victims aren’t children or other adults. This time, it’s a bunch of unsuspecting dogs who are getting punked.

Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen followed his curiosity to find out how dogs would react to a disappearing treat, so he put together the clip above which shows him fooling the poor pups into believing their treat was gone.

Yes, we realize that’s kind of mean, but the results are adorable and hilarious.

We only wonder why the dogs weren’t able to sniff out the treat, but as TwistedSifter points out, maybe they did eventually but for the sake of entertainment that part might have been edited out.

Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy the video as much as we did.