Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat — Frowning Feline Turns 2

Grumpy Cat turned 2 this week, and we’re clearly more excited about it than she is.

The top dog in Internet cat stardom — whose real name is Tartar Sauce (who knew?) — Grumpy Cat is known for her downward smile and bugged-out baby blues, and she spent her birthday Friday touring New York City with a Hollywood entourage. Grumpy Cat’s owners stopped by the offices of the Associated Press and did a short video that’s actually quite interesting.

In the video, you get the history of how Tartar Sauce became an internet sensation, first on Reddit and then through YouTube. Now a worldwide sensation, Gumpy Cat’s memes are passed around the intenet every day, and she even has a movie deal in the works. The owners also address the rumors of Tartar Sauce being drugged, and how happy she actually is when the cameras aren’t rolling. Like in the middle of the night when everyone else is trying to sleep.

Check out the Grumpy Cat birthday video and see for yourself.