7 On-Trend Looks That Are Horrible for Your Health

Fashion is a funny thing. When you’re wearing the latest, trendiest pieces you can’t help but feel great. And for good reason — your friends compliment you, strangers ask where you got your outfit, and that cute guy from the cafĂ© finally strikes a conversation with you. What’s not to feel good about?

Well, anyone who has ever squeezed herself into too tight pants or has run around in stilettos all day long can tell you that although you may feel emotionally good about the way you look, certain styles can make you feel physically miserable. Like we said, fashion is a funny thing.

What’s not funny however, are the ill-effects some clothing items can have on your health. Temporary pain is a nuisance we may be willing to put up with sometimes for the sake of fashion, but when that translates into long-term health damage, we’ve got to get our priorities straight. Because let’s face it: When your health is bad, no amount of fashion is going to help you get better.

So when we found a HuffPo piece on some of the harmful fashion trends you might be sporting everyday, we knew we had to share it.

Yes, we know those chandelier earrings are gorgeous. We know your skinny jeans cost a ton and make your legs look fabulous. And trust us, we totally get the allure of a great pair of high heels. But there’s nothing alluring about the ankle sprains, pinched nerves, nasty infections and other insane health problems these and other trendy pieces can cause.

Check out the slideshow above to see how you may be jeopardizing your well-being for the sake of fashion.