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WATCH: Harold the Haunted Doll Is Terrifying

It was 2003 when a man visited a flea market like any other flea market. He saw a doll–a male doll–being placed down by an old man. He thought the boy doll was charming albeit distressed looking. He asked the old man what he wanted for it. The old man was hesitant. “It’s very old,” he said and eventually said he’d give it up for $20.
The two men agreed on the exchange, and the happy new owner of the charming old doll walked away.
Suddenly, the old man came running back after the new owner of the doll, insisting that he couldn’t let him walk away without telling him the full details of Harold the Haunted Doll.
“It’s brought an eerie presence into my home,” the old man explained.
He also told the younger man that his son died only a few years after being given the doll as a gift. Not only that but after his son’s death, the old man would hear singing and laughing coming from his room where there was no one but Harold the Haunted Doll.
“I took it to a priest, and he told me to burn it,” the old man explained. But the doll was resistant to fire. It just looked even more worn after the attempt to destroy it.
The younger man decided he’d still take the doll home with him, assuming there was nothing to worry about. It was just an old man with a vivid imagination, he assumed.
Two days after bringing Harold the Haunted Doll home, however, his cat died and he began having severe migraines. Also, he too began hearing the voices of children laughing and singing when there was no one home but himself.
If you want to learn more about Harold the Haunted Doll, his new owner has dedicated a website to this strange story. You can read more about it here. He doesn’t seem to be all that afraid, but then again, from the looks of it, he keeps Harold in a suitcase.
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