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Haunted House – Behind the Mirror

You grab the mirror and lift it off the wall. Behind the mirror is a red glowing “T” ingrained in the wood. You feel the house shift and the floor beneath you gives way with a splintering crack.
You and Casey both fall, tumbling down through the floor and land on something soft.
It’s a pristine white bed.
You look around and you can see that you are in a girl’s room. The condition of this room is in such stark contrast to the rest of the house – it’s so clean! Almost as if someone was still living here…
The lamp in the bedroom is bright and warm. You see a poster of a unicorn is on the wall. Polka-dotted drapes hang near the window. A white stuffed bear stares at you from the foot of the bed. You see a large wooden bar that locks the door from this side, preventing anyone from entering from the hallway.
You notice the unicorn poster is peeling off the wall and a pink glow comes from behind it.

Haunted House – Red Light

Haunted House – Behind Poster