Haunted House – Candles

You blow out the candles and the room is immediately shrouded in darkness.

“I’ve got a match,” Casey says.

A burst of light flickers up as you see Casey strike a match. You catch the silhouette of a large figure behind Casey, and thick black claws wrap around Casey’s throat. You can hear a small whimper as the light goes out.

You fall back and sit on the bathroom floor in the fetal position, hearing Casey’s screams and splashes of warm liquid splatter your cheek and your clothes.

It goes quiet. Then one by one, the candles you blew out light themselves and you can see the mutilated corpse of Casey, half-eaten on the floor. You hold back the vomit in your mouth and as you release it into the sink you look in the lipstick-covered mirror to see a dark creature covered in blood behind you.

As you scream out, you feel a sharp puncture in your neck and you are thrown against the wall, losing consciousness as large claws rip into your chest.

You are dead.