Haunted House – Couch

You search the couch for loose change or anything interesting. You find a strange rope that appears to go through the couch and into the floor. You tug on it and the floor opens beneath you.

“A trapdoor!” you think as you and Casey tumble down an opening and into the basement.

As your feet land on the basement floor, you feel a cold chill run up your spine. The floor is wet and cold liquid seeps into your shoes. You put a hand up to pinch your nose as you catch a whiff of mold and earth.

You see a soft light emitting from the back wall of the basement. As you and Casey inch closer, you can see that nailed to the wall are a bunch of dolls. Their creepy eyes seem to stare out from behind wisps of fake hair and their clothes are tattered and stained. The dolls all let out a soft glow and you realize they are formed in the shape of a large “E.”
One of the dolls opens its mouth and it lets out a mechanical sob.