Haunted House – Milk Carton

You grab the milk carton and shake it. Through the low light, you can make out a face on the carton. It’s the face of a young girl with the words “Missing’ underneath. As you squint your eyes to see the details in the face, the girl in the picture starts to smile.

Suddenly, you can’t seem to move. It’s like your body is no longer under your control. You watch helplessly as you begin to lift the carton to your lips.

As it reaches your mouth, you feel something crawl out of the carton and squirm over your tongue. A hundred tiny legs shuffle their way down your throat and you feel your insides catch on fire.

“What are you doing?” Casey asks, as you collapse on the ground, feeling your insides being ripped apart. “Hey, are you okay?” screams Casey before the room goes black.

You are dead.