WATCH: Haunted Police Station Captures Ghost on Camera

Police at a station in Espanola, New Mexico, have had suspicions about their station possibly being haunted for quite some time. Now video surveillance, that seems to have captured footage of a floating ghost walking through a fence and out again, might back up their claims.

ABC News reported that an officer on duty, Karl Romero, saw strange movement on security cameras. It occurred in a secured area of the station, where it is impossible to open the access gates without the alarm sounding.

“At first, I thought it was a fly or moth. Then I saw the legs…and it was a human. But not a real human. A ghost,” he said.

While Romero may be the first officer to have seen the ghostly presence on camera, he isn’t the only person at the station to believe that a paranormal being may have taken up residence. Others say they have heard or seen the ghost around the station for years. Officers have said they felt breathing on the back of their necks as they worked alone.

Nobody has ever died in the station, and it isn’t located on sacred burial grounds. Could it be the victim of a long unsolved crime, seeking its justice?

Check out the haunting footage in the news report above, and decide for yourself if the supernatural is present.