Haunting Images from the Farmhouse Untouched Since the 1940s

A quaint farmhouse in Warwickshire, England was home to Jack Newton and his sister Audrey for over 70 years. After the death of the pair, Audrey in 2011 and Jack in 2015, it is now up for sale. The house offers a rare and haunting glimpse into the past—the Newtons kept the farmhouse frozen in history since the 1940s, having made only minimal upgrades.

Looking through photos of the estate is like stepping through a portal back in time.

The nine-bedroom house sits on 115 acres of farmland, and is known as the Grange Farm in Ryton-on-Dunsmore. According to the Daily Mail, it originally belonged to the Jack and Audrey’s parents, but the siblings never married and took over the property upon their passing.

They kept almost everything as it was when their parents left the property to them, including original china, toys, kitchenware and furniture as it was all of those decades ago.

The house is chock-full of antique furniture and treasured possessions. Most of the items—which in count number more than 500—have been used regularly since the 1940s.

In addition to fine china, a collection of games and toys,and an extensive array of jewelry the Newtons preserved and used the old-fashioned stove and pans that belonged to their parents before. The pantry houses old, but function, tins.

According to friends and neighbors the Newtons were very conscientious about minimizing their waste, and practically never threw anything away.

Other curiosities include a wartime amputation kit, old-style television and cameras, and musical instruments that date to the 1920s.

“It’s a timewarp of interesting items, curiosities, and even war memorabilia. Although they never married, they had an interesting life,” said Pat Ruck, the executor of the Newtons’ estate. “It is really the end of a bygone era.”