Have You Seen the Dick Clark Flintstone House in Malibu?

Shortly before his death, Dick Clark put his Malibu mansion up for sale, revealing to the world that he owned a swank pad that looked like Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s digs. Above are photos of the property, and below are more details, including a Buzz60 video that was created at the time of the sale.

Most recent reports show the Dick Clark Flintstone house costing $3.25 million dollars, which is more than what the video above states. The furniture inside is custom made, and the villa sits on top of a hill with 360-degree vistas that take in the Pacific Ocean, San Fernando Valley and Boney Mountains. A three-mile drive will get you there, and no one resides above or below it to possibly block those views. It also features its own private beach.

According to Yahoo Homes, it was built as a “romantic getaway” for Clark and his wife, Kari, in 1988. However, to be clear, Clark didn’t create the property because he was a huge fan of the old Hannah Barbera cartoon.

Architect Phillip Jon Brown told CNNMoney that building a home in that location for the American Bandstand host was difficult — but Clark “dug in his heels and said he was going to build a house there.” That determination inspired the idea to make a dwelling that looked like it belonged among the rocks, cactus and brush, or on a hill in the animated town of Bedrock.

“I came up with the idea that if the house looked like a rock formation, the park conservancy would let us build on top,” Brown recalled. “They liked the concept.”

The one surprise for a Malibu home? It isn’t big, with only one bedroom and two bathrooms in approximately 2,500 square feet of living space.

We’re not sure if the Dick Clark Flintstone house is still for sale — or if we’d want it — but we don’t mind taking a look around. (You can see more photo here.)

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