HBO’s Girls Get Nail Polishes Named After Them!

The hit HBO series Girls has officially streamlined into popular culture—the characters have their own nail polish colors!

Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann is releasing a set of four nail polish colors named after each main female character of the show.

A classic green for Hannah (the show’s creator and lead actress Lena Dunham); a pretty pink for responsible art “gallerina” Marnie; cool burgundy for free-spirited Jessa, and a light, lavender for innocent Shoshanna .

The set will be sold for $45 and released next week to coincide with Girls second season premiere (January 13th!)

Lippmann and Dunham spent six months collaborating on the nail colors after Lippmann sent gift polishes to the Girls Season One premiere party last year.

Dunham sent a thank you note requesting a personal shade, and the rest is history!

“We spoke about how the nail polishes they would wear would also be so different, and decided there should be shades for all of them,” Lippmann said.

The shades are named after songs, just like the girl’s names on the show! Look for “Hapless Hunter Green,” “Prim and Proper Pink,” “Virtuous Vivid Violet,” and “Bohemian Burgundy” in stores next week.