Rooster Survives for 18 Months After Getting Its Head Chopped Off (PHOTOS)

NOTE: Images may be disturbing to some viewers. 

His name was Mike.

Back on October 22, 1945, he made headline news in LIFE magazine. Mike was a headless chicken, well, rooster.

Although he was without a head, he allegedly led a relatively normal life.

According to LIFE, Mike “lost his head in the usual rooster way. Mrs. L.A. Olson, wife of a farmer in Fruita, Colo., 200 miles west of Denver, decided to have chicken for dinner. Mrs. Olson took Mike to the chopping block and axed off his head. Thereupon Mike got up and soon began to strut around…. What Mrs. Olson’s ax had done was to clip off most of the skull but leave intact one ear, the jugular vein and the base of the brain, which controls motor function.”

After escaping from becoming a meal, he was able to live another 18 months before finally dying. His owner had a special kit to feed him, which included an eyedropper.

This unusual creature appeared as a sideshow attraction throughout the American Southwest before passing away in a motel in the Arizona desert.

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