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Fake Smile

The Three Best Times to Fake a Smile

Decades of research have proven that our moods can be instantly elevated and our stress levels reduced when we plaster a great big smile on our faces, even if for a short period of time.
loving someone with depression

10 Things to Remember When You Love Someone Who Suffers from Depression

It takes effort, patience, and compassion to love someone with depression.
How to Get an STD Test Without a Doctor's Visit

How to Get an STD Test without Visiting a Doctor – Private & Quick...

Wonder how to get an STD test without visiting a doctor? This post is all about STD Check, a service that allows for you to test quickly and privately.

How to Get Better Breasts — Crazy ‘Oppai Taisou Hand’ Allegedly Does It

It's supposedly works on enhancing bust size and shape, helping stiff shoulders, menopause, menstrual cramps, and more.

The 1960s Wine Diet That NEEDS to Make a Comeback

You're not drunk, you're dieting.

How to Apply Mascara Perfectly in 5 Easy Steps

Avoid mishaps with these five tips and you’ll be batting gorgeous, sexy lashes in no time.

The Perfect Man and Woman — According to Other Men and Women

Check out what celebrity attributes men and women think are the most attractive.

The Best Sleeping Positions for Improving Your Health

Most of us spend between 6 and 8 hours asleep every night, so it makes sense that the position we lie in during this period can have a big effect on our...