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How to Overcome Fear

5 Ways to Overcome Your Greatest Fears

Wonder how to overcome fear? These methods will not only help you overcome your fears, but help you move on to bigger and better things.
Smokers versus non smokers lungs

The Startling Difference Between a Healthy Person’s Lungs and a Smoker’s

This video showing smokers vs nonsmokers lungs lungs really puts things into perspective. Go ahead, take a real deep breath.
Keeping kids safe from sexual abuse

7 Steps to Keeping Your Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse

This article provides 7 strategies for keeping kids safe from sexual abuse. This is a must read for every parent as you raise your kids.

The Best Sleeping Positions for Improving Your Health

Most of us spend between 6 and 8 hours asleep every night, so it makes sense that the position we lie in during this period can have a big effect on our...
what happens to your soul when you die

What Happens to Your Soul After You Die? Here Are Six Theories

If this is true, death may not be as scary as you think.

How Much Sugar Is There In Coke?

Most of us are probably tempted by a can of Coke every now and again, though we all know it's not exactly good for our bodies. But do you know how much...

How Cannabis Works for Weight-Loss

Cannabis for weight loss sounds like a contradiction in terms to some people. Could it be true that even when you have the munchies you're losing weight?
Change Eye Color

Procedure Promise to Change Your Eye Color

Looking for an eye color change? You have more options than just colored contacts.
Honey Art

Man Makes Sweet Art by Drenching People in Tons of Honey

Honey art has taken the world by storm. See what artist Blake Little created and why it took the world by storm. Be prepared for a bit of shock value.

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Man Got 10 Surgeries to Look Asian, Totally Nailed It

This white to Asian surgery will blow your mind with its remarkable results. Xiahn Nishi did this back in 2014 and the world was fascinated. See why.