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The best health and beauty articles, as picked by the First to Know editorial team.

Ewww…People Don’t Wash Their What?

One of the most simple ways to prevent illness is something people neglect to do.

Constipation Causing Backups in the US

About 80 percent of people will suffer from constipation at some point in their lives.

Event Recap: The Power of the Shakti Fest 2013

Attending Shakti Fest 2013 was a blessing for this journalist, who often runs around dazed and confused as I try to meet deadlines and demands of daily life. My mode of lodging for two nights,...

WATCH: 100 Reasons You Should Know Zach Sobiech

This powerful video may change your life forever.

Smokers – Forget Your Lungs, Worry About Your Brain!

A new study from London’s King’s College says that smoking “rots” the brain by damaging memory, learning, and reasoning.

Madonna Releases Bold Ad for New Perfume

Madonna releases a racy ad for her new perfume, 'Truth or Dare: Naked."

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