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the family that walks on all fours

WATCH: Meet the Family That Walks on All Fours

Learn why their bodies don't operate like yours and mine and how they cope.

WATCH: See What Happens When a Dead Body Decomposes in the Ocean

You'll be amazed to know what goes on in the deep dark sea when you're not looking.
anita moorjani

Woman Dies, Meets Dead Father & Comes Back to Life — What She Learned...

The five lessons she learned have the power to change you forever.
unresponsive man given headphones

Unresponsive Elderly Man Given Headphones, His Reaction Shocks Everyone

You won't believe what happens to his mind when the music stops.

8 Disgusting Parasites That Can’t Survive Unless They Suck Your Blood

Meet some of the creepiest and hungriest bugs that live by sucking the life outta you.

A Boy Scout’s Fight to Put His Molester & Former Troop Leader Behind Bars

The author of this gripping new memoir opens up about the need to change how we view abuse.

What Happens to Our Bodies After We Die Is Pretty Darn FREAKY!

This infographic describes exactly what happens second, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months after you die.