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crazy facts about the human body

WATCH: 10 Crazy Facts About the Body You’ve Never Known

Did you know that your feet have more than 500,000 sweat glands, or that you'll produce enough saliva in your lifetime to fill a swimming pool?

10 Amazing Near-Death Experiences That’ll Change Your Concept of Reality

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Last Night I Had a Panic Attack — My Dead Mother Helped Me Overcome...

Ideas on how you can overcome panic attacks and gain strength.
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Woman with Cancer Dies, Goes to ‘Heaven’ — Learns Fear Is the True Killer

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Are Murderers Born or Made?

We may finally have an answer.
Berns Triplets

These Triplets Survived a Terrible Fire, But What Happened Afterwards Will Break Your Heart

Through these agonizing struggles, they relied on one another for strength
Third Eye Drug

The Truth Behind the Third Eye Drug – The Most Illegal Substance

WARNING: DMT is an illegal substance and should not be ingested or smoked.