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Doctor Refuses to Treat Patients Over 200lbs

Dr. Helen Carter of Massachusetts is creating a ruckus with a new rule she's imposed--refusing to treat patients weighing over 200 pounds, which she considers obese.

World’s Scariest Superbug Officially Contained

Real-life contagion strikes research hospital and superbug is contained after six month probe.
Woman with dog

Dog Owners Reap Health & Lifestyle Benefits

Research has shown that dog ownership has many health and wellness benefits. Below are the major ways they keep you youthful.

5 Fun Workouts to Keep You Breaking a Sweat!

The number one thing that keeps people from working out long term is boredom.Below you'll find five new workouts to get you excited about exercising again, and maybe just feel like a kid again.

Galena Breast Cancer Vaccine Receives Patent Exclusivity

Big news for breast cancer survivors! The Galena Biopharma breast cancer vaccine has received a patent granting it exclusivity until 2028.