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Lady Gaga Packs on 25lbs, Goes on Self-Imposed Diet

Lady Gaga reveals she's gained 25 pounds thanks to her father's new eatery in New York.

Acne Suffering Recluse Walks NY Fashion Runway

New York Fashion week had a very big star you may have never heard of. But, chances are you've probably heard of her YouTube videos.

NYC Bans the Sale of Sugary Drinks

New York City leads the fight in obesity by becoming the first state in the country to ban sugary drinks over 16 ounces.

4 Reasons Celebrities Prefer Drug Store Products

Here are four reasons celebs love drug store makeup brands just as much as we do.

Katie Holmes is First Celeb Face for Bobbie Brown Cosmetics

Katie Holmes just signed a huge deal with the high-end cosmetics brand. Read on for details.

Jillian Michaels Returns to The Biggest Loser to Tackle Childhood Obesity

Read on for more details about the trainer's return to the show, and other changes.

Chocolate Can Reduce Your Risk of Stroke?

A new study published in the Neurology journal is claiming one chocolate bar a week can help lower the risk of stroke.

Doctor Refuses to Treat Patients Over 200lbs

Dr. Helen Carter of Massachusetts is creating a ruckus with a new rule she's imposed--refusing to treat patients weighing over 200 pounds, which she considers obese.

World’s Scariest Superbug Officially Contained

Real-life contagion strikes research hospital and superbug is contained after six month probe.

Celebrities Unleash Their Inner Marilyn Monroe…and How You Can, Too

The icon's enduring look has been replicated numerous times. Now you can achieve the same look with these tips. Also, which celeb does Marilyn best? Check it out, and be the judge for yourself.