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World’s Scariest Superbug Officially Contained

Real-life contagion strikes research hospital and superbug is contained after six month probe.

Celebrities Unleash Their Inner Marilyn Monroe…and How You Can, Too

The icon's enduring look has been replicated numerous times. Now you can achieve the same look with these tips. Also, which celeb does Marilyn best? Check it out, and be the judge for yourself.
Woman with dog

Dog Owners Reap Health & Lifestyle Benefits

Research has shown that dog ownership has many health and wellness benefits. Below are the major ways they keep you youthful.

5 Fun Workouts to Keep You Breaking a Sweat!

The number one thing that keeps people from working out long term is boredom.Below you'll find five new workouts to get you excited about exercising again, and maybe just feel like a kid again.

One Exercise Move That Scores Major Results

Spending hours in the gym and not getting the results you want? Find out what move fitness experts swear by, and why you should add it to your routine.

Easy Home-Made Exfoilating Scrub

Runa Bhattacharya, SELF Magazine's Assistant Beauty Editor, shares the following recipe to get touchable soft skin using just a few household ingredients.

4 Ways to Depuff Under Eye Circles

Try one of the tips below and you'll be saying "sayonara!" to those bags by the time you leave the house.

Diet Pill “Qsymia” is Latest Drug Approved by FDA

The FDA appears to be on a roll in approving new diet drugs for prescription use. After approving diet drug Belvig less than a month ago, they've given the green light to Qsymia.

Galena Breast Cancer Vaccine Receives Patent Exclusivity

Big news for breast cancer survivors! The Galena Biopharma breast cancer vaccine has received a patent granting it exclusivity until 2028.

Why Your Regular Sunscreen May Not be Enough

Wearing sunscreen in the summer is a must. But did you know the same goes for the colder months? Find out how you can better protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays all year round.