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CBD for Addiction

Does CBD Really Work for Addiction? Intriguing Study Offers Important Clues

There has been a lot of talk about CBD, aka cannabidiol, lately. Since it's legalization in late 2018 via the Farm Bill (hemp derived CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC), it's...
what happens to your soul when you die

What Happens to Your Soul After You Die? Here Are Six Theories

If this is true, death may not be as scary as you think.
Keeping kids safe from sexual abuse

7 Steps to Keeping Your Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse

This article provides 7 strategies for keeping kids safe from sexual abuse. This is a must read for every parent as you raise your kids.

WATCH: Dr. Pimple Popper and The ‘Blackhead Mask’

You won't believe the 'before & after' transformation.

‘A Beautiful Mind Lost to Heroin’ — This Video Reveals Harsh Truths About Addiction

WARNING: Some of the images within the video are troubling, but this is very important.
Marijuana Makes You Skinny

Science Says Marijuana Makes You Skinny — Seriously

Read about the new scientific studies that are revealing this shocking truth.

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Man Got 10 Surgeries to Look Asian, Totally Nailed It

This white to Asian surgery will blow your mind with its remarkable results. Xiahn Nishi did this back in 2014 and the world was fascinated. See why.
World's Largest Tumor Removed

9 Doctors Remove World’s Largest Tumor

In China, the man with the largest tumor in the world went through 16 hours of surgery with 9 doctors.

How a Baby Gets a Chiropractic Adjustment (VIDEO)

Is chiropractic care safe for babies?
crazy facts about the human body

WATCH: 10 Crazy Facts About the Body You’ve Never Known

Did you know that your feet have more than 500,000 sweat glands, or that you'll produce enough saliva in your lifetime to fill a swimming pool?