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Honey Art

Man Makes Sweet Art by Drenching People in Tons of Honey

Honey art has taken the world by storm. See what artist Blake Little created and why it took the world by storm. Be prepared for a bit of shock value.

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Man Got 10 Surgeries to Look Asian, Totally Nailed It

This white to Asian surgery will blow your mind with its remarkable results. Xiahn Nishi did this back in 2014 and the world was fascinated. See why.
Artificial Sweeteners

Are Artificial Sweeteners Making America Fat & Sick?

Wondering if artificial sweeteners are safe? This article dives into the topic and provides all sorts of details that will educate you.
How to Stop Sugar Cravings

How to Kill Your Sugar Cravings in 10 days

These 9 tips have the power to transform your life!

Capgras Delusion Is a Real Thing, and This Guy Has It (VIDEO)

Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to have this disorder?
anita moorjani love versus fear

Woman with Cancer Dies, Goes to ‘Heaven’ — Learns Fear Is the True Killer

Read about Anita Moorjani near death experience and why she is certain fear is a killer. Learn from her how to live from love rather than fear.
How to Monitory Your Kid's iPhone

How to Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone Without Taking It Away

Monitoring your kid's iphone is definitely doable in today's world. Find out how parents are doing this with KidBridge and other services.

Legal High – Cannabis Milk Is A Real Thing!

You can kiss goodbye to sleepless nights as a raw food café in London has just released a legal cannabis drink that's designed to help sufferers of insomnia and anxiety. The 100%...
How My Dead Mom Helped Me Overcome a Panic Attack

Last Night I Had a Panic Attack — My Dead Mother Helped Me Overcome...

Ideas on how you can overcome panic attacks and gain strength.