Healthy 9-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed After Getting Flu Shot

The flu vaccine is supposed to be the best defense against contracting an infection, but for little Marysue Grivna, getting the shot left her paralyzed.

Last year, Marysue was your typical, healthy nine-year-old. Then, just three days after receiving her annual vaccine, her mother claims she became paralyzed. She was also diagnosed with an unusual disease called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), which affects the central nervous system.

She is now restricted to getting around in a wheelchair.

Marysue’s mother, Carla, took a moment yesterday to speak with Clayton Morris and Tucker Carloson on Fox and Friends Weekend about her daughter’s condition.

Although doctor’s haven’t confirmed or denied that the flu shot contributed to her condition, Carla and her husband know without a doubt that’s what caused it.

“There was no underlying condition,” Carlo told Fox News. “So many tests at the hospital to try and find something else that could have caused it, and they could not find anything. I’m saying to parents: hear my story, understand what happened to my daughter, ask questions, be informed and make an informed decision with your doctor’s guidance.”

According to several medical journals, injecting vaccines can actually lead to a host of serious health problems, including, but no limited to, harmful immunological responses, infection, and Alzheimer’s disease.