Heartbroken Bride Receives a Gift from Heaven on Her Wedding Day (VIDEO)

Amanda Crowe’s daughter Azalee was only six-years-old when she lost her battle with cancer two years ago.

So you can imagine that when it came time to marry the love of her life, it was a bittersweet day. Azalee passed away before she ever had the opportunity to meet Chip, she also wouldn’t be present at the wedding. It’s a reality that left Amanda with a heavy weight on her heart.

On her wedding day, Amanda wanted to find a way to incorporate Azalee into the photographs and asked the photographer, Ashley Frantz, to find a way to do just that.

As you can see in the images above, the moment was captured beautifully.

But the resulting photographs weren’t the most touching part of the wedding.

During the ceremony, the couple planned on releasing some butterflies into the air in honor of Azalee’s life. That’s when something magical happened. Although the rest of the butterflies fluttered away, there was one that decided to stay behind.

When Amanda looked down at her dress, there was a butterfly, perched on top of her dress — right over her heart. Fortunately, her photographer was right there to document the priceless moment.

She believes that butterfly was truly a gift from heaven. It was her daughter letting her know that everything will be alright.

Today at the ceremony, Amanda and Chip released butterflies in remembrance of their beautiful little Azalee. It was a…

Posted by Frantz Photography onĀ Sunday, December 13, 2015