Heartbroken Pit Bull Desperately Needs to Find a Loving Home After Owner Commits Suicide

Last fall, a pit bull named Tater lost his owner to suicide. Now, the Nashville, Tennessee-based, rescue Pittie In Pink is desperately searching for a forever foster family to give him a loving new home.

Pittie In Pink posted Tater’s heartbreaking story on their Facebook page:

Tater came to us last fall under very tragic circumstances. His owner took his own life, and Tater was in the car with him when he did so. After being found, he was dumped in an apartment and left all alone for three days with no care. Animal control in that county finally came and picked him up, and he was going to be put down because none of the family would take him in.

Initially, he was looked after in various temporary homes, but now needs someone new to look after him. The deadline for his time at the kennel is soon going to be up, and all he needs is a welcoming home.

tater pit bull

Are you or someone you know interested in adopting Tater the heartbroken dog? Contact Pittie In Pink.


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