Heartbroken Father Records Emotional Plea to Stop Drunk Drivers (VIDEO)

The holiday season kicks off this week and lasts through the New Year. You know what this means, more traveling and more parties for people celebrating with their family and friends. This can be a deadly mix.

The holiday season isn’t just a time for warm greetings and celebration, it’s also “DUI Season,” when arrests are at the highest point of the year.

Thanksgiving Eve, often referred to as “Black Wednesday,” is unofficially known as the busiest bar night of the year. That means a lot of drunk drivers are going to be out on the road, putting countless innocent lives at risk.

It’s a scary thought, but it’s a tragedy far too many people know.

Rick Ellis just so happens to be one of those people.

In the video above, Ellis stands in a cemetery, recording himself on his cell phone.

He wants to tell you something worth listening to.

Heartbroken, he stands there to give an emotional plea to those who still continue to drive under the influence. He wants them to change their ways.

“I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever. Want to get drunk, play around, get stupid? This is what happens…” he says before turning the camera around to show you his daughter and her mother’s gravestone.

The drunk driver who killed his daughter was her own mother.

Folks, please be careful out there this holiday season. It’s a time for joy, not loss.