Cop Decides Not to Arrest a Thief, Changes Her Life Instead

Miami-Dade County police officer Vicki Thomas was ready to arrest a mother for stealing food, but she found herself unable to go through with the arrest. Instead, she did something far more helpful, something that makes for one of the most heartwarming stories.

As it turned out, the mother, named Jessica Robles, had only stolen food to feed her hungry family. Once she explained this, Thomas did her an amazing favor — she bought here $100 worth of groceries to keep her family fed. Her family was indeed in dire straits, as her 12-year-old daughter told a local news station they were “in the dirt, hungry, asking for food.”

“I made the decision to buy her some groceries because arresting her wasn’t going to solve the problem with her children being hungry,” said Thomas, according to the Chive.

Thomas said she has no doubt that what she did was right. Her generous gift had only one condition — that when Robles got back on her feet, she help someone else out. She said she would.

The story, fortunately, doesn’t end there. After word got around about Thomas’s gift to the hungry family, others soon chipped in a whopping $700 to spend at the grocery store.

Perhaps most touchingly of all, a local business owner called her in for an interview, where he hired her on the spot as a customer service representative.