Father Wanted His Wife to Abort Daughter, Ends Up Loving Her Unconditionally

This beautiful family was almost ready to make the mistake of a lifetime, like so many other people unconsciously do.

Thankfully, they didn’t.

When Heath White found out that the baby him and his wife Jennifer were expecting had down syndrome, he wanted her to get an abortion. He didn’t want to have a daughter with a disability. Heath was so afraid of how her down syndrome would reflect upon him that his entire life was turned upside down.

Unable to convince his wife to abort, it took many months for him to finally accept that his baby girl was just as wonderful as any other.

Although he still fears that someday someone is going to see her and call her “retarded” or make fun of her for her differences, she will always be his “light in the dark.”

We couldn’t help but tear up while watching this one.