Meet the Woman Who Murdered Her Mom & Is Now Raising a Baby in Jail

She grew up in a mansion in Illinois and was on vacation with her mother when things took a grizzly turn. 19-year-old Heather Mack checked into the opulent Saint Regis Bali resort with her mother Sheila von Weise-Mack on a Saturday in 2014. Heather’s boyfriend checked in just two days later.

According to ABC News, Heather and her boyfriend Tommy called for a taxi outside of the Saint Regis hotel, put a suitcase and bags into the trunk then walked off. Inside that suitcase was the body of Sheila, Heather’s mother.

The young couple were found in another hotel about six miles away, where they were taken into custody. After an investigation it was found that Sheila was beaten to death with a fruit bowl.

Today, both Heather Mack and her boyfriend are facing 10 years in an Indonesian prison. Heather shares a cell with seven other women at the Keronokan prison, but she also has someone more special who lives with her, her daughter Stella.

Now about seven-months-old Stella sleeps in the same cell as her mom, where she will be allowed to stay until she is two. Heather’s days consist of cooking meals, constantly cleaning and taking care of her baby girl whom she calls her “everything.”

“We have a rotation and my day is Tuesday. In Chicago I couldn’t even make cereal. Now I’m learning how to cook all sorts of different types of Thai food,” Heather told People.

As for what will happen to baby Stella when her two years are up, well Heather is not sure at all. “I’m not sure where she will go, I don’t know how I will ever survive without her.”