Help Shape the Future of is a brand-new site focusing on entertainment news, travel, and everything in between. But we don’t want this to be a typical lifestyle site– because there are a bunch of those out there already. A lot of them are really good, a ton of them are pretty bland (which, in our mind, is worse than being horrible), and with so many options at your daily disposal we wanted to create something a little different. Something fun. Sassy. A little edgy, but never bitchy.

Because, as you probably know, there are enough bitches in the world already.

We knew we wanted to cover fun stuff in entertainment, from TV and movies to music, books, and celebrity gossip. We also love traveling, so it seemed natural to present destinations and events you’ll want to experience. Along with that, it should be a reflection of your larger life, covering careers and money, as well as shopping, staying healthy, and living well. And since we wanted this to be a kind of online community, we needed a place to focus on relationships– from dating to marriage, friends to frienemies to friends-with-benefits (because it never hurts to talk about sex now and then).

But to make this a real community, we need you. We need your eyes, your comments, your compliments and criticisms. The easiest way to do that is through our social pages on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, because those are the best places for us to have a conversation with you guys.

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