11 of the Most Epic Selfies, Ever

We’ve never really been fans of or fully understood the point of selfies.

Is there anything more annoying in the social media world?

Since the term “selfie” was first coined in 2005 by Richard Krause in a “how-to” photography guide, the self-portrait of the digital age seems to have become a warning sign of society’s growing narcissism and desperate cry for affirmation.

The selfie started out with positioning a camera or a smartphone at a certain angle (usually 45 degrees just above the eyes). Then, all you had to do was make sure that you were posing properly so you didn’t end up having to take 20 photos just to get one Facebook-post-worthy image depicting your pouty lips or nonchalant smile.

But today, people are taking selfies to a whole new level.

The trend even reached outer space last year when Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide took what some are calling “the greatest selfie of all time” at the International Space Station. Or how about that when time when Kayleigh Hill took a selfie mid-tackle?

Forget the flattering filters and blurred lines. Thinking about uploading that totally awesome bathroom-mirror selfie? Think again.

People from around the world are constantly doing whatever it takes to one-up the person who tries to defy the laws of self-portraits.

We were able to find a few images of moments that are actually worth sharing and maybe even worth remembering.

Here are 11 of the most epic selfies, ever. Well, at least for now!