Here’s the Horrifying Reason a Texas Mom Was Suffering from Headaches

It’s not just dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, loud music, tight deadlines, a visit from your mother-in-law, or a bitchy boss or annoying coworker, that causes debilitating headaches. There are also lesser-known, even strange causes of headaches — like tapeworms.

That’s what happened to a 31-year-old mom from Garland, Texas.

After Yadira Rostro suffered pounding headaches and loss of vision, she finally admitted herself to the hospital. That’s when doctors made the horrifying discovery. Rostro’s headaches were being caused by sacs of larvae from tapeworm eggs growing inside her brain.

Yadira Rostro hospital

Apparently, as the egg sacs continued to grow, the fluid in her brain slowly began backing up, which led to the headaches.

Doctors believe she picked up the parasites after consuming food contaminated with fecal matter while vacationing in Mexico. Although tapeworms typically can pass through the human body without problems, the eggs traveled through her bloodstream and up into her brain.

635766649755963645-0831-brain-eggs04The parasites have since been surgically removed and Rostro is hoping to quickly recover from the terrible incident.

“I think shes just happy to be alive,” said her doctor. “Her headaches are gone, and she’s feeling better.