Here’s What It Looks Like When 12 Coworkers Find Out They Won $60M Playing the Lottery (VIDEO)

At some point or another, you’ve probably imagined what it would be like if you ever won the lottery. You’ve probably even daydreamed about what you’d spend all that money on. Whether it be a $500,000 payout or or $400 million, winning the lottery is a big deal, especially for those who were previously stressed about paying off their debts.

We’re always hearing about people who win the lottery after tossing in a few bucks every week for their company pool. We’re also hearing about how they win, just like these 12 coworkers in Canada.

See what happens when one of them announces their $60 million lotto win during a meeting. Needless to say, they go absolutely berserk. Wouldn’t you?

We would totally be the “HOLY SHIT” guy. Totally.