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Here’s What Really Happens When Casinos Catch Someone Counting Cards (VIDEO)

If any of you have seen the 1988 movie Rain Man, then you’ll remember Dustin Hoffman as an autistic card counting blackjack player. The main focus of the film was about how he used his underappreciated talents to beat the house.
In the game of blackjack, there’s no intimidation tactics that can be employed, and there’s absolutely no bluffing. The only way to truly tip the odds ever so slightly in your favor is to learn how to effectively count cards.
How does one count cards? Basically, the goal of counting is to be capable of keeping track of which cards have already been dealt and which still remain in the deck. The reason this gives the player better odds is because then they know how many face cards are still left. Face cards are what increase a player’s odds at winning by getting blackjack, so they double down. It also increases the probability that the dealer will bust.
Although counting cards in a casino is not illegal (as long as you’re not using a tracking device to cheat), it’s definitely not a method of getting lucky that pit bosses welcome with enthusiasm.
Casinos will often use a number of approaches to keep card counters in check, including a tactic seen here in the video above. This is what a real “backoff” looks like.

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