He’s Called ‘The Bulldozer’ of ISIS: The Masked Monster Who Is Doing the Unthinkable to Children

A hulking mass of a man has become infamous as part of ISIS’s so-called ‘Chopping Committee’, a sub-sect of the terrorist group responsible for doling out cruel, brutal punishments. The extremist has only been photographed while masked, but he is known as ‘The Bulldozer’ due to his large size.

He is one of the most infamous and feared ISIS executioners, with a bloody reputation for beheadings unarmed people on the street, in front of large crowds that he has rallied together to witness.

Horrifyingly, his evil deeds extend to children. One 14-year-old Syrian by recounted to news outlets how The Bulldozer chopped off his hand and foot because he refused to join ISIS.

The boy, named Omar, said he was fighting for a rebel group when he was captured. The Bulldozer gathered crowds of local children to watch the amputation, which he carried out with a huge sword.

ISIS bulldozer ISIS the bulldozer swordISIS the bulldozer hand

‘They put my hand on a wooden block and cut it off with a butcher’s knife. Then they cut off my foot,” Omar said.

In another chilling photo, The Bulldozer towers over a restrained man, blade poised to strike the man’s neck in a brutal and public beheading.

Dressed completely in black—always hiding his face—he maims, murders and dismembers his victims in bloody displays of violence. Anyone who doesn’t support or join the ISIS cause is targeted.