Hey Girl, Get 14 Days of Ryan Gosling — Day 1

February has officially started, and you know what that means: the countdown to Valentine’s Day. Couples everywhere will be making reservations to fancy restaurants and thinking of the perfect gifts to get for their significant others. But what about those of us who are single and boyfriendless and (only slightly) jealous?

Well, FTK has the perfect thing to not only take the sting off, but to actually one-up all of your friends’ cheesy romantic ideas.

We’ve got Ryan Gosling…smoldering, gorgeous, down-right-delectable Ryan Gosling. Who needs chocolate and roses when you’ve got 14 days of this hottie staring back at you?

Visit every day till Valentine’s Day to get your Gosling fix, and then come back on the 14th for a complete slide show, plus a little something extra. Just because we love you.

We kick off the 14-day love fest with the following image to remind you that even if you’re single and feeling lonely, you always have Ryan. Hold him close, he’ll never let you down!