Hey Girl, Get Your Ryan Gosling Earrings!

Hey girl, look what we found to make you even more beautiful than you already are.

Fred Flare is selling these Ryan Gosling earrings. No word on whether or not the star has okayed the production of these little gems, and there are no reviews so we don’t know if anyone really loves them or not, but at $16 they’re a pretty great joke gift or conversation piece. After all, if you have pierced ears you can say Ryan Gosling is hanging on you. Or, if you have a pierced nose, lip or navel you can say you had Ryan Gosling on your face, or that you had his head on your belly. Or on your person. Or whatever.

If you like, you can get them here. And if you just want more Ryan, check out our 14 Days of Ryan Gosling. It’s hot girl, just like you!ryan-gosling-earrings-2