American Woman Walks Around Cairo with Hidden Camera to Document Street Harassment

An American woman took to Cairo with a hidden camera to document street harassment and let others experience first-hand what it’s like to walk the streets alone as a woman. The video, called Creepers on the Bridge, is only five minutes long but the uncomfortable leering stares of the men in the video leave a lasting impression.

Colette Ghunim, who is of American-Egyption decent, and Tinne Van Loon are the filmmakers behind the video project.

In an interview with Egyptian Streets, they shared their experience tackling the issue of harassment that women all over the world deal with every day. Many have found the glimpse into what women experience is intimidating.

“The fact is that every time a woman walks outside, no matter what she’s wearing, a large majority of men stare, unabashedly. They scan her entire body as if she is a mere object, not a valued human being. The high frequency of stares makes it the most common form of sexual harassment, violating women’s ability to feel safe while walking in the streets,” said the filmmakers.

The pair originally set out to create a half-hour long documentary on the topic, but after collecting footage of the men’s stares found it compelling enough as a five minute stand-alone.

To capture the constant stares from both individuals and groups of men, Colette walked the Kasr El-Nil bridge in Cairo alone, secretly recording the entire walk with an iPhone. She pretended to talk on the phone, but really she was turning the camera every time she felt a pair of eyes focus on her.

They made sure she wore modest clothing to dispel those who would detract from the impact of the video by saying she was provoking the attention.

The video was shot as a part of a longer documentary that Van Loon and Ghunim are making called The People’s Girls. The Kickstarter for the project can be found here. The funds will help cover the production costs.

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Check it out the five minute walk above.