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Hidden Camera Shows Cats Attacking Christmas Tree


Ever wonder what your cat is doing when you’re away? Set up a hidden camera to find out — because if it’s Christmas time you may get footage of your cats attacking the Christmas tree.

That’s what Rumble producer “ShortyandKodi” (which is actually the name of the two cats) discovered after setting up a hidden camera at home. Turns out, the cats’ idea of fun at Christmas involves playing with the tree and ornaments. Check it out.

Intruder in the House

It turns out, cats Shorty and Kodi have gone on other Christmas adventures at home this season. For example, see what happens AFTER Santa (or perhaps a tiny Elf from a shelf) came to visit. As the producers wrote in the description, “There’s been an intruder in the house! But Queen Shorty wasn’t about to let the house fall. Will Kodi end up being a gooboi?”

Cat Christmas Card

Finally, there’s still time to make a super cute cat Christmas card. Shorty and Kodi again star, though this time the cats are not attacking a Christmas tree. This time, they’re models, showing you how to take some basic decorations (that you probably don’t want) and turn them into a great piece of holiday art.

The process is simple — unless you have a hyper cat like Kodi. Get carboard and cut a hole in the center the size of your pet’s head (because this works on all pets, not just cats). Decorate it with ornaments, making sure to keep the hole open. Mount the board so that it stands upright (you may need a friend) then use a treat to lure the pet through and snap away.

Super simple and super cute — a big payoff if you love your pet. Check it out.

Get more cat content on First to Know, and visit ShortyandKodi on Rumble.

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