High-Carb Diet Linked to Hair Loss, Studies Say

Good news for men dealing with hair loss—tweaking your diet could slow down the hair loss process.

Male baldness has stumped health care professionals for centuries. Doctors called it a “disease of civilization” back in the 19th century, when male baldness was as common as hat-wearing. This theory was debunked when genetics was linked to baldness.

New research is now concentrating on a new theory: that our diet is somehow linked to increased hair loss.

Three major studies over the last three years have been conducted in Mexico, Turkey and Taiwan, studying the effects of an American diet heavy in sugar, refined vegetable oils and refined carbs, and men’s insulin resistance. They found that men diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes (both which are believed to be brought on by poor diet) were more likely to be bald.

The scientists are now trying to connect the dots between diet, disease, and male baldness. Refined carbs in particular seem to cause the chrome-dome syndrome responsible for increased hair loss.

Dr. David Kingsley, a Ph.D. and world-renowned hair-loss expert says, “The consensus is that diet influences hair loss.” That would lead us to assume if we changed our diet to a healthier alternative we could reverse the cycle of hair loss, right? Well, not exactly. While a low-carb diet can’t make hair grow back that has fallen out, it could slow down the process of losing hair that hasn’t fallen out yet.

If nothing else, it could reverse the symptoms of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Really, what do you have to lose? If your hair is going to fall out anyway, at least you’ll improve your health and possibly live longer. Cheers to that!