Hiker Catches Bear Trying to Attack Her on Camera (VIDEO)

Photo from national Park Service

“I felt his nose touch my leg,” hiker Stephanie Rivkin said.

On Friday afternoon, Rivkin was enjoying a day on the trails at a wildlife area when a 150-pound juvenile male black bear approached her and showed signs of aggression. Surprisingly, she managed to keep her fear under control. She recorded a video of the bear coming up to her and opening its mouth like it intended to bite down on her leg.

State officials have since closed the public trails at Session Woods Wildlife Management Area.

Her close encounter tested her ability to stay calm during a get-out-alive situation. She even employed a safe response to try and deescalate it by holding her ground and speaking softly to the bear. By doing so, she was able to signal to the beat that she was in a dominate position and not a threat.

If she would have acted in a reckless manner while the the bear was in critical distance (the bear stood up and displayed himself instead of fleeing) or if she yelled out for help, he may have actually attacked her.

“It was unlike anything I ever experienced before, so I didn’t really know how to react or respond,” she told a news station. “I kind of just stayed as calm as I could and it seemed to work. I got out alive.”

Although officials said Rivkin was not injured during the incident, they plan on locating the bear and putting it down on grounds that its behavior is worrying.

Watch the video below.


Walking with bears. It put it’s mouth on my leg. OK ok I almost got bit. Scary

Posted by Stephanie Rivkin on Friday, August 28, 2015