Hilarious Dad Unknowingly Films Entire Las Vegas Trip on Selfie-Mode

Parents definitely need some moments to relax and travel to places like Las Vegas. This is why one man decided to go on an adventure in Las Vegas.

Irishman Joseph P. Griffin has become an Internet sensation when he created the most hilarious guide to Las Vegas, ever. His son Evan lent him his GoPro for his trip, only to come back with hours of footage of his face and only his face.

His son through it so hilarious that he compiled a four-minute video and shared it on YouTube. He uploaded the video with a short blurb stating:

“So…Gave my Dad my GoPro while he was in Las Vegas, I did not, however, instruct him on how to use it, so my dad being my dad, and a culchie, didn’t know which way to point the f****** thing…”

Many users have commented on the video asking for him to make more of these selfie-faced tourist vlogs. Other viewers have dubbed his act a “classic dad move!”

Watch this hilarious dad explain all the wonderful sights and views of beautiful Las Vegas. My only complaint is that the video is not long enough!

Let’s just hope he makes more of these videos and never understands how to use that GoPro.