Hilarious ‘Dear Parking Enforcement’ Vid Skewers Local Laws

Rich people rarely get street parking tickets. They can valet, pay for parking structures, or live in places with assigned parking spaces.

The real victims? The poor working guy or girl struggling to make their way in the world, to get a job, to better their lives.

And where does all that ticket money go? No one knows — but it’s not into fixing up the city’s problems.

That’s the premise behind the new rap video called “Dear Parking Enforcement” from BowJour. This musical satire pokes fun at both the young people getting tickets and the city workers dishing them out. From confusing parking signs, late-night quickies, and missing your expiring meter by one minute, to the undependable enforcement from power-hungry meter maids, this video seemingly has it all. While “Dear Parking Enforcement” is focused specifically on Los Angeles life — going to auditions, getting head shots printed, becoming a professional singer, etc. — the concept holds true for most cities, and we think you’ll get a good laugh from it.

Word of warning: Some of the lyrics are NSFW, so put on your headphones before rocking out.

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