Hilarious Instagram Account Shows Life with Bradley Cooper Cutout

Is Bradley Cooper the perfect man?

The answer is no, but it seems a life-size Bradley Cooper cutout, on the other hand, is.

Mother and wife Danielle has created an Instagram account called “My Life With Bradley Cooper” that went viral a year ago and has made a comeback this week. It’s silly, fun, and creative — to say the least. In short, Danielle has a beloved cutout of heart-throb movie star Bradley Cooper, an actor often ranked as one of the sexiest men in the world. She takes the cutout everywhere, and her Instagram account is full of pictures of her family doing everything from shopping and cooking to hair styling and reading with Bradley Cooper. He constantly keeps them company with his handsome stoic smile.

Since going viral, Danielle has continued populating her feed. You can view the dozens of those hilarious Bradley cooper cutout photos on Danielle’s Instagram here. For now, scroll through the slideshow above and fantasize about your own life with Bradley Cooper.