Hilarious Photos Taken at the Perfect Moment

In the need of a good laugh?

We recently posted a bunch of photos that made you do a double take — images that were shot at just the right time so that it creates an optical illusion of some kind. While those twist the brain and force you to think about what you’re looking, the series of shots above are of a much more hilarious variety. These are photos taken at the perfect moment.

We discovered them from viral sensation PerfectlyTimedPhotos.com, a website thatĀ invites people from around the world to share hilarious pictures taken just in the nick of time. Some of them on the site are slight brain twisters, but more often than not they are just shots taken at the right time — like when a kid gets kicked in the junk, or just before a kid jumps into the pool and he appears to be walking on water.

They’re a pretty amazing collection, one that could only be assembled with the help of a BUNCH of different people from around the globe. That also helps with the wide variety you’ll see in the slide show above.

Check outĀ some of our favorites for your enjoyment.

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