Kid Pranks Weatherman, Decapitates Snowman’s Head on Live TV

Who doesn’t appreciate a good prank every now and then? Social sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook have whole channels and pages dedicated to tricking people and putting up their priceless reactions for the whole world to see.

Sometimes these videos and posts produce a chuckle, sometimes they’re enough to inspire a hearty belly laugh and several shares, but no matter what the nature of the prank it seems like more and more people are becoming increasingly clever in their quest to fool people.

From devil baby attacks to seriously creeping out complete strangers, folks will do whatever it takes for the sake of some fun at their victims’ expense.

While creativity and novelty are great for those of us who can spend hours and hours binge-watching these poor unsuspecting victims get the daylights scared out of them or just be caught in a sticky situation, we can’t deny the allure of classic childhood shenanigans. Even something as simple and classic as a mischievous game of ding-dong-ditch can be hilarious.

And this is exactly the kind of naughty prank a forecaster recently experienced when his snowman was decapitated by a young child on live TV. The identity of the kid is unknown, but he saw his chance and he took it and we think that’s kind of awesome.

Here’s how it went down:

Eric Fisher, the chief meteorologist for CBS Boston was giving a forecast update when the camera zoomed in on a snowman wearing a CBS hat. We’re assuming the news team either build the creation or embellished it with the hat. Whatever the case, viewers didn’t have too long to appreciate the visual treat as the snowman’s head went flying soon after the camera centered on it. The kid, of course, had run off by this time.

The forecaster, confused by what happened first asked the correspondents back in the newsroom if the wind had knocked the head off. Upon learning that it was in fact a child, he feigned outrage as his colleagues laughed uncontrollably.

He capped off the segment by complaining “you can’t have any fun anymore.” Actually Mr. Fisher, we think the kid would absolutely disagree.

Watch the hilarious segment of the weatherman’s snowman above.