Hilarious and Scary Gas Station Fail Compilation

There’s nothing better than watching someone else’s misery to make you feel better about yourself, but when it comes to this gas station fail compilation, you’ll be thanking God your life moves along as smoothly as it does.

The video brings together dash cam and security camera footage that’s been shot at gas stations. From innocent people pumping gas to workers trying to earn an honest day’s living, crazy things can happen at a gas station. You’ll see stupid people forgetting they left the nozzle in the tank. You’ll see out-of-control drivers crashing into pumps and parked cars. You’ll see kids playing around while their parents are distracted. And you’ll see a lot of near-death moments that will leave you gasping for breath.

Seriously. If you don’t like sudden shocks, skip this one.

Yes, it’s clear from this video that there are a lot of dangers out there, and you need to be vigilant at all times — especially when you’re standing in a location that has the potential for blowing up. Check out our gas station fail compilation video and see for yourself.

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