WATCH: Hillary Clinton Gay Marriage Video – Garners Huge Support, Usual Critics

hillary clinton gay marriage video

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has put a stake in the ground supporting marriage equality for LGBT people. This video comes on the eve of a Supreme Court decision that may determine whether or not marriage equality will be legal throughout the United States.

The video released by the Hillary for America campaign is entitled “Equal,” and it shows numerous gay and lesbian couples at their actual wedding ceremonies. Clinton narrates throughout the two-minute segment, but the thrust of the story is really seeing these men and women rejoicing in their right to marry like any other American. On the YouTube page, Clinton write this:

All love is equal. It’s time for marriage equality. Stand with Hillary Clinton in the fight for all LGBT Americans to be able to live, learn, work, and marry free from discrimination:

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The Hillary Clinton gay marriage video is newly released, so major news agencies haven’t yet done much on it; thus far, it’s mostly found on LGBT websites lauding Clinton for taking such a bold stand. No surprisingly, the largest critics come from right-wing blogs, which use words like “disgusting” to describe the piece — assuming, of course, that they actually watched it from beginning to end.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.