Hitchhiking Robot Makes Cross-Country Trip Alone Without Being Killed

Most of us are scared of hitchhiking cross-country, but if a robot with a beer-cooler for a torso and pool noodles for limbs can do it, why can’t we?

The brave robot, named hitchBOT set out on its epic road trip on July 27th, when his owners bid farewell to him on the side of a highway in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the far eastern edge of Canada. It held out its thumb and waited to be picked up for its first ride in a 6,000 mile road trip across Canada.

This past weekend, the adorable hitchBOT completed his journey completely in tact when he arrived in his final destination of Victoria, British Columbia. And his family was glad to welcome him back.

“We’re elated,” hitchBOT’s co-creator David Smith told the Toronto Star. “It’s been really great fun and to me it seems like it [has] brought people together in a really interesting way.”

When hitchBOT first set out, many people were worried that some tragedy would befall him before he finished his trip. They even created several backup robots to take his place in the event of such an incident. But luckily, hitchBOT made it through safely. Instead of making enemies, he made dozens of new friends in his cross-country trek.

In fact, he was downright popular on the road, being picked up from the side of the highway in Halifax within minutes. Over the course of its three week journey, hitchBOT hung out with a band called The Wild!, met a famous groundhog known as Wiarton Willie, and even became part of a wedding ceremony, where it interrupted the vows to proclaim “I like to make friends.”

The lovable robot may have finished this journey, but it will continue travelling. Its Facebook page reports it will soon be heading south to Seattle to hang out with friends.